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Tomato Private Visits

From February to September
World Horti Center - The Netherlands

We will welcome tomato professionals during Private Visits that will be organized from February to September, in the Netherlands.
Hosted in the premises of the World Horti Center, this platform is a unique opportunity to get a preview of our latest varietal creations for many market segments.

You will discover there our range of commercial tomatoes under lighted growing conditions.

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World Horti Center is the knowledge and innovation center for international greenhouse horticulture. A leading platform where business, education, research, and government jointly innovate, connect, inspire and share knowledge.

What a better place for Gautier Semences to be part of the horticulture community effervescence!
Along with World Horti Center, we are pleased to work with Vertify, one of the major agricultural research centres in the Netherlands in the field of applied research, to conduct trials on our latest varietal innovations in their greenhouse platforms.

In cherry tomatoes, the spearhead of Gautier's offer, the seed company stands out with premium very tasty varieties, such as Starlor the new yellow cherry on the vine and Saopolo the red one, or more recently Macaron C608, a very attractive brown cherry for loose harvest.

GAUTIER Tomate STARLOR C591.jpeg

In the tomato on the vine segment, from mini to maxi Gautier offers a wide choice of calibers. Let’s mention for instance K611 is a premium cocktail variety with an excellent presentation or Davolo a top-notch variety with a beautiful presentation of the truss and an excellent quality of the fruits, not forgiving Lancaster the red cluster tomato very high yielding.

As for Flavor and Diversity, Gautier's wide range of colored ribbed tomatoes, with no fewer than 9 references ranging from black to red, with brown, pink, yellow and even ivory varieties, remains of course a reference, with highly acclaimed varieties on markets such as Marnouar, Marsunny, Marsilia or even Marpink.


A whole selection of varieties rich in colors, flavors and calibers which will most definitely arouse the interest of visitors.

The Gautier Seeds tomato experts: Product Manager, Sales and Development Managers, will be available during these months to accompany the visitors and provide them with their experience and personalized advice to better support growers in choosing their varieties.


Professionals interested in this Private Visits are invited to contact their reference sales representative :

Eric BARNERON, Sales Director for Northern Europe, Americas, Asia,

Persian Gulf  and Spain
Mob. : +33 6 84 76 33 64 - e-mail : eric.barneron@gautiersemences.com

Yvo LENS, Northern Europe Area Manager

Mob. : +32 485 93 83 35 - e-mail : yvo.lens@gautiersemences.com

Edouard ELIZAROV, Sales and Technical Representative Russia

Mob. : +7 994 419 30 92 - e-mail : edouard.elizarov@gautiersemences.com

Clément LABORDE, Sales & Development Manager Mexico

Mob. : +52 1 (442) 607 9764  - e-mail : clement.laborde@gautiersemences.com

Yu HAN, Sales Representative China

Mob. : +86 180 6327 0712 - e-mail : yu.han@gautiersemences.com

Our Product Manager:


Mob. : +33 (0)6 99 88 94 78 - e-mail : julien.savignac@gautiersemences.com

N.B.: Gautier Semences implements all the necessary health measures to guarantee the safety of participants and their teams.


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