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A new race of Bremia lactucae, Bl: 37EU identified and denominated in Europe.

The International Bremia Evaluation Board for the EU (IBEB-EU) has evaluated all Bremia races found in 2019 and 2020. Many outbreaks of Bremia were caused by new Bremia races with only local importance. However, one race spread in most European counties and IBEB-EU decided to denominate this isolate as the new race Bl: 37EU. 

Proper hygiene practices, such as removal of debris and diseased plants, will always reduce the spread of Bremia in lettuce crops.

The board emphasizes that those resistances should not be understood as a full insurance against Bremia. Occasionally, problems may occur due to a local new isolate that does not survive over years and does not spread to other areas.


Therefore, chemical control and hygiene measures will be important for any lettuce variety. Fungicide application, especially in a young plant stage, gives additional protection to resistant lettuce crops, and will help prevent the development of new Bremia races.

Download the IBEB-EU press release

Aware of this major stake for the safety of your crops, Gautier Semences already offers you a panel of lettuces resistant to the new strain Bl: 37EU.

Vascular Fusarium wilt is also a growing concern in lettuce crops. Gautier Semences is developing research programs to effectively control this disease and offers a selection of resistant varieties Fol:1 and / or Fol:4 to go even further in securing your next campaign.

Discover now the new leaflet Outdoor Lettuce “Destination Resistances” in which the varieties resistant to Bremia Bl: 16-37EU and Fusarium Fol: 1 and / or Fol: 4 are presented.

New race of
Bl: 37EU 

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